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 Owl in Gift box black/white

Owl in Gift box black/white 136451

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An adorable owl perfectly packaged in its own stylish gift box. 

This cute owl makes the perfect companion for your loved ones when they are out walking anytime of day or night. A really sweet accessory for a jacket or bag during the daylight hours, and a night owl when it gets dark. This big-eyed bird will be on the lookout for cars and make sure that your loved ones are visible to drivers in their headlights. Whoo-hoo!

Glimmis reflectors are made with reflective material of the highest quality from 3M and are produced in Sweden. Glimmis reflectors are tested and approved by SP - Sweden's Technical Reasearch Institute. They fulfill the standards for personal reflectors (EN-13356) and are CE- approved. An approved reflector should be at least 15cm2 in size, which all Glimmis reflectors are.

Rec. retail price: 79 SEK

Owl gift boxes are sold in packs of 5.
State how many packs you require.

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