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 Lisa Larson cats Starter Kit Small
 Lisa Larson cats Starter Kit Small    

Lisa Larson cats Starter Kit Small 73

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The cutest little cats individually packaged in little gift boxes. An adorable accessory for your back or jacket with the advantage of having a life saving function too! A perfect little gift. Rec. retail price: 79 SEK.

Glimmis reflectors have a broad target market and a high profit margin. They create extra sales without taking up much space. Glimmis reflectors are made with reflective material of the highest quality from 3M and are produced in Sweden. Glimmis reflectors are tested and approved by SP - Sweden's Technical Reasearch Institute. They fulfill the standards for personal reflectors (EN-13356) and are CE- approved. An approved reflector should be at least 15cm2 in size, which all Glimmis reflectors are.

The starter kit includes:

  • 20 Cats in gift boxes (assorted forms/colours)
  • 1 display stand (4 sections)
State how many starter kits you require.

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