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 Moomin Reflector & Card case  Moomin Reflector & Card case  Moomin Reflector & Card case
 Moomin Reflector & Card case    

Moomin Reflector & Card case 620

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The set includes a Moomintroll reflector and a  Keep Sweden Tidy handy holder. Handy is a smart slimline solution for keeping your regularly used cards and important things together. The reflector functions both as a life saver in traffic and as a stylish accessory. Made in Sweden. 

In the 70s, Tove and Lars Jansson produced several Moomin posters, exclusively for the Keep Sweden Tidy /  Håll Sverige Rent Foundation, exclusively for the campaign “Saving the Baltic Sea”. By purchasing Keep Sweden Tidy products, you contribute to the foundation’s work – to spread knowledge to school kids and parents about the environmental effects of littering.

Sold in packs of 12 assorted figures.

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